Monday, March 10, 2008

Portrait of a Lady

Had I but one colour to work with on my painters palette – I would have to choose blue as the hue with which to render my personal portrait of - Marg - Aunty Marg to many – Mother, Mom and Omi to her family, Margaret to her dear husband Ted … and to Randy - The Short Almighty -

Blue was, if her wardrobe was an indicator, my Aunty Marg’s favourite colour. Alas though, I would not be able to employ ANY shades of blue to depict her nature. That task would require an entirely new palette.

Can anyone here find me the appropriate colour to depict ‘cooking and baking skills’ - or the one that embodies the ‘skills of a master seamstress’? Is there another that speaks of sheer ‘fun’ or one that helps identify the ‘love of animals, birds and all helpless little creatures’. Where do I find the colour that cries out for ‘justice for fellow seniors’ or ‘compassion for the homeless’ at Holiday times? What colour should I employ to communicate the intangibles of ‘understanding … love … unconditional acceptance’ … how does one portray a mind set ... free of discrimination on any front?

Aunty Marg was the personification of generosity – sometimes to a fault. She could not stand to see someone in need and would offer up her last dollar to provide them the necessities of life. Many families, experiencing very hard times, were conscious that she was always there for them and whatever was needed … mysteriously appeared.

On other fronts, her idea of guaranteeing that justice would be carried out revolved around her premise of determining ‘what was right’ not ‘who was right’. I often thought that she would have made a great Supreme Court Judge as she regularly exhibited the ‘Wisdom of Solomon’ tempered with the ‘Patience of Job’.

I use the blue - but am surrounded by all the others. A veritable rainbow glows from the aura surrounding my ‘Portrait of a Lady’. I am humbled in its presence and I will remember it forever.

Marg Meen will never be replaced or duplicated. She is an icon and, within the boundaries of her human frailties, she did the best she could each day of her life. She asked for nothing in return and sometimes that was exactly what she got. Her pilgrim journey was full and will be treasured by those who were close to her.

As we stand before her earthly remains today, I am reminded of her own cheeky words of advice in similar situations - The Shell is Here – The Nut is Gone.

Godspeed, O good and faithful servant. May angels welcome you into Paradise. You are one of the little saints that made my life better.

Margaret Ellen Meen
August 3, 1924 – February 29th, 2008
Laid to Rest March 6, 2008

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Sad Decision

Today, after reading my friend Jim's blog, I too decided to leave the Blogspot realm.

Like Jim, I also have encountered a few 'anonymous' nut-bar comments that I found unwarranted and unwelcome.

Not to say they won't haunt me in the future but in only one day I have experienced the simlicity and adaptability of 'facebook' and .... within five minutes of being a resident, I hooked up with many people I have not heard from in years.

This technological stuff still blows me away, but who cares about how it works - just that it works.

If you want to follow my meanderings, click on Don't be afraid to register - it's free - who knows you may grow to love it also.

Thanks Blogspot for being this old guy's introduction to this aspect of cyberspace.

And to anonymous I say -